HEXADENE Flush 12 oz

HEXADENE® Flush Solution with Spherulites® is a topical antiseptic solution containing 0.25% chlorhexidine gluconate and triclosan in a stabilized vehicle with an appealing floral fragrance.


HEXADENE Flush Solution has been specifically formulated for dermatologic conditions where an antiseptic flush may be beneficial. It may be used on dogs, cats and horses of any age. Spherulites: an exclusive and patented encapsulation system developed by Virbac; provides a slow release of the ingredients long after product application. Chitosanide: a natural biopolymer that creates a protective film on the skin and hair. This reinforces the hydrating and restoring properties of the formulation, helping to protect the skin against damage from the environment.

Active Ingredients:

Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.25%.


Water, propylene glycol, Spherulites, chitosanide, fragance, triclosan, FD&C blue #1. May also contain lactic acid. Chlorhexidine diacetate is present in encapsulated (Spherulites) form. Propylene glycol is present in encapsulated (Spherulites) and in free forms.


Directions for use: Shake well before use. Apply HEXADENE Flush Solution onto the affected area. If necessary, remove excess solution or debris after use with cotton or absorbent material. Frequency of use: Apply once daily. Continue for 2 to 3 days after apparent resolution of clinical signs or as directed by your veterinarian.