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Save all your favorite items for the next time you shop. Just click the heart next to the shopping cart in the items window.Your favorite items will be saved below. We even let you save you shopping cart for 30 days.


Our site's simple registration form and Shopping Cart require users to give us contact information (like their name, email and shipping address). This information is used to process orders. The customer's contact information is used to contact the visitor when necessary such as to clarify an order or send a confirmation of an order.


We contact customers through e-mails and facsimile ONLY. This keeps your costs as low as possible while providing us exact written instructions to processing your order as accurately as possible. 


All credit card transactions are completely secured supporting industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption. We also offer secure and easy Pay Pal checkout.

General Questions:

At The Pet Store Market.com we are committed to providing you with the most accurate information available for all the items we sell. We are an on-line provider of pet products that are currently offered by your local Veterinarian. We are here to fill an existing prescription or product that you are currently using as instructed by your Veterinarian. We cannot give you medical advice for the care of your pet. The Vet Market.com accepts no responsibly for the application or use of any of the products sold on this site and we recommend that you consult your Veterinarian before using any product that you have not used before as instructed by your Veterinarian for the care of your pet.


No web site is perfect. But we have strived to make The Pet Store Market.com as easy and simple to use as possible. Trying to save you as much time and money as possible.  If you have a comment to improve on our site we would like to hear from you. petstoremarket@gmail.com  

New Products:

Looking for an item that we do not have listed on our site? We would love to hear from you, e-mail us at petstoremarket@gmail.com  or toll free fax 877-271-7584

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  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00     Add to basket Email a Friend Delete
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  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00     Add to basket Email a Friend Delete
  + Extra Option $ 0.00