Shark Powders & Glucosamine

Vetri-Disc 180 Tabs Dog

Vetri-Disc [Back Support Formula] for Dogs and Puppies

Recommended to support proper function of the spine and connective tissue in dogs and puppies


Multi Source Glucosamine 120 Caps

Connective tissue support formula for dogs (not recommended for use in cats). Active ingredients per capsule:
• D-glucosamine HCl, 250 mg
• D-glucosamine sulfate, 175 mg
• N-acetyl glucosamine, 75 mg

Vetri-Shark Power 200 Grams

Vetri-Shark Powder [Connective Tissue Support] for Dogs and Cats

Vetri-Shark Powder A Shark Cartilage supplement to support joint and connective tissue functions for dogs and cats.* In addition to providing nutritional support for healthy joints, Shark Cartilage supports bone density and is an efficient source of Calcium and Phosphorus.* 100 mg Pure Shark Cartilage powder.


Vetri-Shark Power 400 Grams

Vetri-Shark Powder [Connective Tissue Support] for Dogs and Cats

Recommended to support connective tissue health and proper joint function in cats and dogs.

Active Ingredient Per Scoop:
• Shark Cartilage, 850 mg